Ιδιοκτήτες εμπορικών ακινήτων

Winfield Circle Partnership

I have been an Industrial Real Estate Broker for over 54 years. I have negotiated thousands of leases for owners and tenants and sales agreements for buyers and sellers. Once the economic terms were agreed upon through tough negotiations the contract preparation, when it contains many attachments and modifications, usually takes months. This was not the case in dealing with APWireless. Things were done correctly and expeditiously. It was a pleasure to do business with APWireless. I would give them an unqualified recommendation.

Jack Karp
Corona, CA

Greenhill Properties L.L.C.

Please be advised, the final installment of acquisition price was received at our bank yesterday. You folks at APWireless have fully performed in all respects, and the Greenhill owners are pleased to have assigned the tower lease rights to you.

R. H. Harbaugh, Jr.
Tulsa, OK

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, Inc.

I am pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with APWireless. As a not for profit organization it sometimes takes a little longer to process these transactions. Dwayne was very patient and allowed us to proceed when we felt comfortable. The transaction went smoothly and we are very satisfied with the outcome. Dwayne answered any questions to make me and our board feel comfortable.

Michael W. McBride – Executive Director
Youngstown, OH

Berwind Corporation

We initially did a deal with APWireless a few years ago. Our contact person was extremely helpful in guiding us through the process. So much so that when a second opportunity became available, we did not hesitate to make contact again to do a second deal. We would not hesitate to work with APWireless again should the opportunity arise.

Dan Roman, Vice President
Windber, PA

Professional Environmental Systems

About one year ago, a couple of lease buyout firms including the current owner of the cell tower approached me regarding the possibility of purchasing the revenue stream from cell tower lease.

Kimberly, from APWireless is a great person to work with. She took the time to go over all of the aspects of the transaction. She assisted my team to resolve issues on our side. She truly cared about the people who she is working with not just the deal. Some people involved in sales just want “the deal” and move on.

APWireless presented themselves in a very professional manner, I must commend both Kimberly and Rachel’s patience, and personal attention that really made this experience rewarding. I must say the creative options presented by Kim’s team gave us options that worked in our unique situation.
APWireless doesn’t just “talk the talk” they actually perform. Currently they are working to get additional carriers on the tower on my site which will increase the revenue stream.

I’m so grateful to work with Kimberly and the entire team APWireless for their tireless efforts. If anyone wishes to contact me I would be happy to share my experience with APWireless.

If you are considering the possibility of selling your cell tower lease, I strongly urge you to talk to Kimberly at APWireless she will take care of you.


Robert P. Mentore – Vicepresident
Kearny, NJ

Johnston Holding Company


Thank you Mr. Reyes for the easiest transaction I ever completed. Ive been in the real estate business for over ten years and many transaction has its follies and difficulties. Some are frustrating. However, your company is the real deal and bent over backwards to give me the best deal the market has to offer. Trust me I did my homework! I am not only completely satisfied with the outcome but feel you all are very concerned with the people you do business with.

As I mentioned I have many longterm relationships with people in the commercial real estate arena. Some whom have cell tower facilities on their buildings. I can honestly say that anyone with a cell tower that wants to raise cash and liquidate their lease with APWireless would be making a sound decision.

MSL Holdings

I recently closed our second transaction with APWireless and their local representative Jerry. I wanted to take a moment to point out the professionalism, timeliness and attention to detail provided by Jerry and everyone at APWireless. We had other interested parties in the same transaction. I decided to pursue the completion with APWireless for all the reasons listed. We look forward to a long term relationship and adding additional customers to our tower.

Mike Laky, Founder and CEO.
Tampa, FL

Freightliner of Maine, Inc.

As we close the chapter on the second tower deal I wanted to say “thanks” to you for the persistence and perseverance you showed in regards to our tower deals. We certainly had dome unique issues with the easements in the Park. I know both our legal teams got some exercise on those issues. It was good to work with you and I’m glad we were able to finally work through the issues. Thanks again and best of luck.

Tracy Thibodeau – Chief Financial Officer, Freightliner of Maine, Inc
Bangor, ME

Whitney Bank

One of our subsidiaries recently had the opportunity to liquidate an income stream from an operating cell tower. APWireless contacted us about the project and made a fair offer. They were very professional and easy to work with. They took all the hassle out of the transaction by making themselves available to answer any questions I had as well as going over all the paperwork with me. APWireless was on top of things from the beginning and made the transaction incredibly easy. We look forward to working with them again soon.

Stephen P. Duffy – Vice President, Whitney Bank
Bradenton, FL

Chisholm Service, Inc.

Over the last several months I had the pleasure to work with Robert that works in Acquisitions and Site Development of APWireless, whom I retained for the sale of my cell tower. Working with Robert on the matter was effortless.

Robert knew how valuable my time was and took it upon himself to make this sale go as smoothly and quickly as possible. He knew of the importance of working with the bank and the legal aspects of the transaction were the key for this sale to go through. And on top of all of this he was even able to negotiate an increase in my price.

I would strongly recommend Robert for his skills, knowledge, reliability and his professionalism.


Mike Chisholm – President
Burlington, NC

Sandstone Development Partners, LLC

I recently closed a cell tower sales transaction with Robert Atherton at APWireless. The price I received was more than fair and APWireless proved easy to work with from price and sales documents negotiation to getting the deal closed as they were able to move quickly enough to get the transaction completed by a year-end deadline. I had other buyers but am glad that I went with APWireless to sell my tower.


Lowell Sands

Bowden Properties, LLC

It was a pleasure doing business with you and everyone at APWireless that was involved in closing my transaction. In my many years as a real estate professional that also practices law, this was definitely one of the smoother transactions.

Your knowledge of finance and ability to really crunch the numbers with me allowed my company to elevate these funds to a use that will play a key role in growing the business over the next several years, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

I would like to extend my personal thanks for your attention to detail and expertise throughout this process, even when it required some of your time on the weekend.

Wendell Bowden

Starcevich Systems, Inc.

I want to communicate to you my overall assessment of your company’s service quality related to your recent acquisition of my five cell site leases. Let me begin by stating that I have been contact by no less than four companies other than yours on many occasions too numerous to count for a number of years and until recent, my wife and I were adverse to selling our cell site revenue streams.

However, when I began to working with Lawrence Harvey, it was soon obvious to me that he was very knowledgeable about the cell site industry and after many conversations with him, ascertained that APWireless was a company set apart from the rest. Mr. Harvey represented APWireless with the highest professionalism. He was very informative, not pushy yet insistent on winning my business.

Through Mr. Harvey, APWireless demonstrated their willingness to accommodate my many requirements to consummate the transaction. My wife and I understood the real value of our wireless revenue streams and so did APWireless by presenting an offer commensurate to that value. After much consideration, and many offers from other companies, my wife and I decided to go with APWireless in large part due to the efforts of Mr. Harvey as well as the terms of your offer.

I would gladly recommend your company to anyone that is interested in selling their cell site rents. Your company did everything that was represented and we are very happy with the results of our decision to sell. Because of the structure of the transaction, I look forward to working with APWireless for years to come.


Rodney D. Starcevich


My partners and I would like to thank you and your team in helping us complete the sale of our hotel’s wireless antenna leases to APWireless. When we first learned that there are companies in the business who purchase these leases we did not have any knowledge about why or how the process works. My first phone conversation with you not only gave me clarity on the whole process, but your honesty with the information you provided convinced me APWireless is the company we should sell the leases to. You were very transparent with the information and valuations of the leases. My partners and I really appreciate the information in helping us access the sale. We will highly recommend other business owners with cell sites to work with you and APWireless.

Thank you very much for all your efforts in completing the sale.


Dilesh Patel
Partner/RAPS Newark LLC

Foresight LLC

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your involvement in making the sale of our wireless communication site a smooth transaction. I also appreciate the assistance provided by Lawrence Harvey.

From our first contact with your company, I noted your commitment to determining what our needs would be. From the first obstacle I presented, the fact we would only sell out site in fee simple, and until negotiations were complete you maintained a win/win posture.

Our firm has been approached many times over the past several years from other entities interested in purchasing our wireless communication site and/or income stream. Your company stands head and shoulders above the others. I commend you for your commitment to excellence.


Foresight, LLC by
Keith Pfeifer, Member

Holiday Inn, St. Paul MN

The purpose of this note is to provide a testimonial on the service and follow-up on a transaction that we executed with the APWireless Staff.

We would like to special thank Dan Hasselman for making this a smooth and simple transaction for us. We initially decided to go with a competitor but when that company could not deliver as promised, APWireless stood by us and continued their support 100{e4265696edf70b21548929bc99416bc952786e6906df2a45a75f150867fe8318}. They were very patient and took the time to educate us. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and how upper management was very “hands on” during the transaction. They were flexible, honest and upfront from the beginning. We were promised a smooth and swift transaction and they exceeded our expectations. We look forward to one day doing business again with APWireless.

Best Regards,

Dan Krahn
Vice President Hotel Management
Sand Companies Inc.
46 east 4th Street
St. Paul, MN 55101

Bello Family LLC

On November 11, 2011 we completed a transaction with APWireless on the sale of a cell tower lease. My contact at APWireless approached me and discussed a comprehensive summary of the proposed transactions, the benefit to our LLC, the benefits to APWireless and the strength of their company. Previously we had been involved in negotiations with the cell tower tenant to acquire a permanent easement. After months of negotiations and confusion, that proposal was abandoned. It was refreshing to receive concise information from APWireless.

Every commitment of documentation and action was performed before the commitment deadline. The Sales Director was my liaison between APWireless attorneys and closing personnel. He was attentive to both our LLC needs and the needs of APWireless. Closing was simple! A notary and closing agent came to my office for document signing. On the day of signing, there was one minor change to the closing statement. APWireless had the document updated and emailed to me within 5 minutes. I was impressed. The transaction closed the following day and funds were wired to our account.

Having reviewed APWireless’ documentation and completing our review of income stream, we found the value to be fair in the market place. The transaction was easy, quick and professional. I highly recommend the services of APWireless to anyone considering a similar transaction.


Alice M. Bello
Bello Family LLC

FRE Building CO. Inc.

I recently had the experience of working with APWireless on a purchase of our cell tower. In this day and age I find that most transactions drag on. Dealing with this company was a refreshing change. They were very responsive, professional and closed the transaction in short order.


Lawrence J Doane
Property Manager


My group has sold 5 tower leases in the last 14 months. The highest price, quickest closing and least hassle was the transaction with APWireless. We have other sites/leases we are considering disposing of, and the first call will be to Bryan Payad at APWireless. Their professionalism and quickness to finalize this latest transaction was greatly appreciated, and I recommend their services to anyone considering selling cell site leases.

Steve Swartsley

Kullman Associates, LLC

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you very much for your help and professionalism throughout the recent transaction that was completed between my company and you.

From the first conversation to the closing of the transaction, everything that you told me was true and correct. You always delivered on your promises. I was always able to count on you to help process the transaction through some of the challenges that arose throughout the transaction. You and your team were very efficient during the due diligence portion of the transaction, and always worked hard to solve any problem that came up. The communication with all of you was very good throughout the process and everybody was easily accessible.

Your attorney was very easy to work with regarding the contract language changes that my attorney requested. The entire transaction was finalized in a very reasonable period of time.

I would definitely recommend your services to anyone that wants to complete this type of transaction. I also would be happy to talk to anyone about the superior service that I received from all staff at APWireless.

Thank you again for all your help.


Robert Kullman
Kullman Associates L.L.C.
Managing Member

Omnibank N.A.

I just wanted to thank you for such a smooth and professional contract process we had in the sale of the cell tower from Omnibank to APWireless. We did not have any exception in the contract process.

All parties worked in a diligent manner in order to complete the transaction quickly. Stewart Title did a great escrow job. I would certainly recommend you to any of my associates in the industries to work with APWireless if they had a cell tower lease to sell.

Thanks again for all your hard work. Hope we can work together on another deal.

Michael Williams
Property Commerce
Houston, TX

North Park Shopping Partners

I’ve appraised, bought, sold and managed real estate for a long time. In all my years APWireless was one of the best to work with. All negotiations were straight-forward and you did what you said you would do. There were no surprises and you worked in an efficient manner to bring the close of the cell tower we sold you to completion.

I wish you the best in future transactions and hope to meet you face-to-face when I travel to Southern California.

Ted Whitmer

Eichelbergers, Inc.

It was a pleasure working with Lawrence Harvey, VP Site Acquisitions & Development for APWireless, regarding the cell tower lease transaction with our Company. I was under the impression that this type of transaction would usually take many months to complete and be complicated.

The APWireless team completed the transaction in 35 days and took all the question marks out of the legal jargon usually associated with these contracts. I was very pleased with your offer, which was the highest of several companies and your professionalism throughout the negotiations.


Jerry A. Rice, CPA
President & CEO

Cogswell Marine & Motorsports

Thank you for completing our lease prepayment transaction. We were very impressed and surprised at how smoothly everything went, including the funding, you and your title team went above and beyond to accommodate us, as we were out of town for the closing and you sent a notary to us at our convenience for the signing. When we had a question about the final documents and needed an answer quickly, the CEO of APWireless called us personally and answered our question and took care of the problem immediately. All verbal and written correspondence was delivered as promised and your company stepped up and offered us the highest purchase price.

We would highly recommend your company and look forward to doing business with you on future projects. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our experience with APWireless.

Peter and Priscilla Cogswell
Cogswell Marine & Motorsports, Inc.

Dennis French Enterprises

This letter is to introduce and thank APWireless for their help and efforts in a recently completed cell tower sale. Sales Director told us what he could do and then did what he said in a timely and professional manner.

With that in mind, please feel free to call for a positive reference for APWireless; a team that delivers what they promise.


Dennis D. French

Lenox Road LLC

Just wanted to let you know the deal has closed. I was surprised on the ease of how quickly the deal closed and with the professionalism of your staff. Most importantly was how user friendly the contract is without all of the legal clauses I had found with a competitor of yours. They even wanted to charge me for the closing. Thanks again.

Michael Cantor
Lenox Road LLC

Grand Pacific Resorts

We at Grand Pacific Resorts, have control over multiple cellular antennas at multiple locations, which created a very complex transaction. We contacted several companies who purchase cell site leases, and requested proposals from each.

We chose APWireless because they offered the simplest terms, a solid price, and promised to close within 60 days. Working with Eric and Dan was a pleasure. They never over-promised and they were excellent communicators during the closing process.

We ended up closing the transaction right on time at the price and terms that were agreed upon. We are very happy that we chose APWireless.

Tim Shinkle
CFO Grand Pacific Resorts

Red Hawk Partners, Ltd.

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the deal we were able to strike on the sale of the Contimite Tower to APWireless, and how quickly we were able to get the deal closed. As you know our timetable was constrained because of a number of ancillary deals we were working simultaneously with and contingent upon this sale, and the fact your firm was able to negotiate a fair sales deal, then work quickly through the legal side of the deal enabled my investors to achieve all of their objectives. Frankly, I was amazed and pleased at how quickly and smoothly things went. As you know, I have attempted to work with a number of tower companies in the sale of tower assets, and I can confidently say working with you and your team was not only painless, it was a pleasure. Because of this positive experience, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you again on future tower sales. If there is anything more you need from us, please advise. Also, if there are any potential clients you have that need some consultative guidance in valuing and working through selling their tower sites, please let me know as I will be more than happy to help them see how a sale to APWireless is the right move for them to make.

Until next time,

Charles E. Eckert, Jr.
Red Hawk Partners, Ltd.